Manage Clients

In order to help your Clients out, we've enabled the ability for an employee of your business to access each Clients records using 2by2 Solutions.

During the initial Meet & Greet, the employee will go through the records that the Client has entered and look for any information that is missing or that needs additional clarification. Once the information has been reviewed, the employee will update the Clients record to indicate that they have completed the initial Meet & Greet session which will unlock the system so the Client will be able to Submit Service Requests. We have found that if the Client knows when their first Service Request is needed, the employee can walk the new Client through the process of submitting their Service Request. This increases the likelihood that the Client will not have questions the next time they request service using the system.

To see what access to the Clients record the employee will see, please review the Client Access section.

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Employee Client Menu
Employee Client Menu