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2by2 Solutions for Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers

Our solution contains the ability for your clients to register with you online. It allows your clients to maintain all information concerning their home environment, their animals, and the ability to submit service requests to you via your system day or night. This system is easily integrated into your current website. We've tested it out on an old fashion hand built HTML site, a WordPress site, Drupal site, plus WIX, and others. If you need help integrating 2by2 Solutions into your site, we can help you with that, just let us know!!

We suggest that you try out our Demo version (invest 20 - 30 minutes of your time) and see what it can do for you. Follow the steps below to get a great understanding of how it works and what features it has hidden for you!!

First: Register as a Client in our demo application

Check it out by first registering yourself as a client to our fictitious Pet Sitting and Dog Walking business to see what one of your Clients would see using the system. Once your Client registration is completed by confirming the system generate email (sent to the email address on your Client Profile), your Client account will initially be set up in a "Meet & Greet" status. While in a "Meet & Greet" status there are limited options available to you. You are able to update your Client Profile, add your Animals and just browse around the system. Adding an animals photo and giving the business the permission to display it will allow the photo to show up in your Publicly available Photo Gallery - provided you've chosen to have that option. Add an animal and their photo and check out the Photo Gallery from this Demo system!!

Second: Request Employee Access by email sfowler@2by2Solutions.com

Once we set you up as an Employee to our Demo site you'll initially be set up as a Limited user of the system i.e. a Pet Sitter. Take a look around the system and see what you are able to do with your limited access. You'll find that you are able to view your schedule, manage Service Requests, view and update client profile information, send communications through the system to your businesses clients and many more options.

Third: Change Status of your Client Account in our demo application

Take the time to "Activate" your Client's account. You can accomplish updating your Client's status, under their Client Profile via the Clients tab while logged in as an employee. Once you've changed the status to "Active" and have selected a "Meet & Greet" date plus updated the two fields indicating the Client has signed the Vet Release form and your legal agreement, your Client account will now be able to submit service requests. In a real life situation, this would be done during the time one of your business employees "meets and greets" with the new client to go over their needs and complete the appropriate legal paper work i.e., Veterinarian Release form and Legal agreement (found under the Documentation tab). During the Meet & Greet session, you are also able to walk the new client through setting up their first Service Request through your system. Taking the personal time up front during the Meet & Greet session will go along way with your customer plus they'll see how to schedule Service Requests through your company getting a number of questions out of the way!!

Fourth: Submit a Service Request from your Client Account in our demo application

Through your "Activated" Client account, try setting up a Service Request and submit it to the business side. Once you Submit the Service Request, login using your Employee login and see the notifications concerning a new Service Request that has been Submitted to your business. From the Manage Service Request option, you can confirm the new Service Request and see that it shows up on your schedule (provided you set yourself up as the employee who is responsible for that Service Request). Take a look around!!

Fifth: Full Administration Features in our demo application

Once you've played around with both the Client side and the Employee side as a Pet Sitter, contact us, Customer Support and we can set your employee account to an Administrator level and you'll be able to see all of the features available to an Administrator of the system. This access gives you the ability to see all schedules for all of the employees plus a number of accounting reports and features too.

Anytime: Questions

If you have any questions during the time you are evaluating our 2by2 Solutions Demo site, please don't hesitate to send us an email at Customer Support, or give us a call and we'll see if we can address your question to your satisfaction. We are always here to help!! If you're interested in reading more about our solution visit our Client, Limited, and Complete Access tabs at the top of our page.

Have fun and don't forget to read our Disclaimer before Trying It Out!!!