2by2 Solutions Demo Disclaimer


By using the 2by2 Solutions Demo Web application you are agreeing that you understand any information you enter can be deleted at anytime by 2by2 Solutions. Along with your data being deleted at anytime, your data can also be viewed by any other user who has been given access to the 2by2 Solutions Demo. DO NOT enter any data you don’t want others to see but be as complete as you can.

Additionally, you can expect system generated emails which you, as the User of the system either as a Client or an Employee, initiate. You will receive an email, for example, when setting yourself up as a Client and you may receive emails from yourself or others assigning your Employee id to a a fake Service Request.

You will have to contact us to gain access to the Employee side of our 2by2 Solutions. This can be done be by sending an email to Scott E. Fowler. Please include your contact information so we can get you added correctly.

In addition, to access 2by2 Solutions Demo site as an Administrator level, you will need to send an email to Scott E. Fowler.

Being set up as an Employee in our 2by2 Solutions Demo DOES NOT in anyway constitute you being an employee of 2by2 Solutions or any company we have association with.

Finally, by using the 2by2 Solutions Demo Web application you are agreeing that 2by2 Solutions and/or any of its employees can NOT and will NOT be held responsible or liable for any issues that you may encounter because of the use of our 2by2 Solutions Demo Web application.

If you agree, Try It Out!!!