2by2 New Client Registration

This is 2by2 Solutions New Client Registration. In order to get your clients into your system they will have to register with your business. At the time of registration the user will receive an email asking to confirm their registration. Once confirmed, they are able to login and complete their Client Profile and Animals sections.

The system is setup so that your new clients cannot add a service request until after you have had a Meet & Greet session to get a feel for their animal and to complete the updating process of their Client section. Also at this time you can make sure you have all the legal documents taken care of. For example, Vet Release form.

You also have the opportunity to walk the new user through the system of creating a Service Request if they need help. You get this out of the way with personal attention from you, the business owner, and your client will feel at ease submitting many more Service Requests in the future.

Try it out!!

If you have questions, please email sfowler@2by2solutions.com

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