2by2 Solutions Check Service Area Option

This is 2by2 Solutions Service Area Check option. You are able to have potential clients check to see if you are available in their area. All the user needs to do is key in their address and submit the search. If the system finds one of your employees that is willing to cover the address the user keyed in, then that employees information will be displayed to the potential client. If the client has questions, they are able to email the employee by clicking on their name.

Try it by using our address:
9377 Pecan Tree Court
Mechanicsville, Va. 23116

If you get the "Sorry we don't serve your area" screen, add yourself as a New Employee covering the address entered and you'll show up as a contact for that address.

Try it out!!!

If you have questions, please email sfowler@kistgroupllc.com