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2by2 Solutions
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Our 2by2 Solution enables a Pet Sitters business the ability to have their Clients add and maintain their own information in the comfort of their own home. It includes the ability to for Clients to schedule Service Requests from your business any time day or night through your web site.

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Notable features of the solution:

Client Access
Service Request Area Check
2by2 Solutions Service Area Check option allows the potential client to determine if their home is in an area that is covered by your Pet Sitting service. The client keys in their address and will be returned a screen indicating either you do provide service in that area or you DO NOT provide service to that area. Built in GEO functionality in the application will determine which Sitters covers that area.
New Client Reqistration
Clients are able to register for your service online using 2by2 Solutions. They’ll receive email confirmation of their registration and be informed of the need for an initial Meet and Greet session. After they confirm their acceptance of registration the client will be able to log into your system to update their information concerning their home and pets.
Todays News Popup Window
As a Client you'll be able to see information your Pet Sitting service believes is important for you to see. These articles are intended to communicate information about upcoming changes to the system, specials that are being ran, and other important information the pet sitting business wants you to know about. Once you read the articles, you are given the option to either no longer display the articles (until your pet sitting service adds a New article), or you can tell the system to continue showing these articles - it's totally up to you.
Online Chat
If purchased and enabled through 2by2 Solutions package, the Client has the ability to get online chat support through a third party service called Hit Sniffer built into the application. If any employee of the Pet Sitting business is monitoring their site through the Hit Sniffer, the Client of the business will see the Chat Online button. If there aren’t any employees monitoring the site, the Client will see a Chat Offline button but will still be able to send an email to the designated customer support person of the site for them to respond to.
Client Home Information
The Client has the ability to update and maintain their home information in our 2by2 Solutions package. The Client maintains information concerning their preferred contact method, payment option, and spouse contact information. In addition, the Client will inform the Pet Sitting business where necessary items are located i.e., inside and outside trash container location, broom or vacuum location… The client will also indicate what day of the week their trash or recycle bin is picked up allowing the pet sitter to be notified on the Service Request when the trash or recycle bin is to be taken to the street.
Client Animal Profiles
The Client has the ability to maintain information on all of their animals through 2by2 Solutions package. The system collects information on each animal, their particular Veterinarian information including a brief medical history, information on where items are located for a particular pet, and feeding instructions and schedules.
Client Emergency Contact
The Client will need to enter an Emergency Contact, preferably a neighbor, so that the Pet Sitter has someone they can contact in case there is an emergency. 2by2 Solutions enables the Client to record whether the contact is either a primary or secondary contact with or without keys.
Client Communications
The Client has the ability from the 2by2 Solutions – Client Main Tab to Send a Message to the Pet Sitting business. This messaging system works within the system. The Client will send a message to the Pet Sitting business and which ever employee responds to that message will be the contact for any further discussion that the Clients message may generate. That way the Client only has to speak with one individual instead of being passed around from employee to employee
Single Service Request
The Client has the ability to add/submit a Single Service Request which will cover Vacation type sits and Daily Dog Walk type sits through 2by2 Solutions.
Multiple Service Request
2by2 Solutions includes a Multiple Service Request option used for “Vacation” type Pet Sit Service Requests
Multiple Payment Method
Through the Client Profile section of 2by2 Solutions, the Client will have the ability to choose the type of payment method they would like to have. The application gives them the opportunity to pick either, Check, Cash, Invoice, or Credit Card using PayPal provided you have enabled those options to the Client.
The Documentation tab in 2by2 Solutions is where the Client can find all relevant information concerning the Pet Sitters business. Our current Customer of our solution uses this area to maintain her Legal Contract, Vet Release Form, Client Users Manual, and their certification documents.