Message from the Owner and Developer

From Scott E. Fowler

If you're curious to see our 2by2 Solutions software in action, we invite you to take a look at our Pet Sitting Businesses website at A Puppy's Prayer LLC. Remember, after you purchase a 2by2 Solutions license, if the software isn't working for you, it's not working for our business either and if that is the case, I personally guarantee that I will be all over getting it fixed because it's affecting our business too.
I wonder how many other software development companies can say they actually use the software they develop?

Latest Additions to 2by2 Solutions Scheduling Software

Google Maps Connections

Ever get lost driving to a Pet Sit?

We've used Google maps for our Service Area Check since we started. Now we have connected our 2by2 Solutions software so that we allow you to use Google Navigate to get directions to your next sit. After that sit is over with, just pick the next sit to go to and Google Navigate will get you there.

Birthday Wishes

We decided, since we had the information stored in our database, that we would build a nice way for you to celebrate your clients' pets birthdays. You are now able to display a page on your website celebrating the birthdays of your clients pets. The page displays the pets who are having birthdays during the current month. It also displays a message from you to those pets wishing them a Happy Birthday!!!

In addition, we've given you the ability to create a Happy Birthday email to your clients pet as well. On your Clients Pet's birthday, they'll receive an Email from you wishing them a Happy Birthday.

QR codes for pets!

Since we have the information in our database for your pet, we decided we would help try and recover lost pets. We have give you the ability to download our QR code which displays information about your pet. You can add this QR code to "missing pet flyers" or post it to your neighborhoods FB page to help get your pet returned. The information displayed only contains information about your pet and NO PERSONAL information is listed. We have given the finder of the lost pet a way to contact your pet sitter who will act as the middle man to get your pet safely returned. Scan this code to see what comes up!!

Features of our 2by2 Solutions Scheduling Software

Client Access

The Client Menu gives your client the ability to manage their Client Profile, Animals, Request Service, Manage Service Requests, and Review and Print your Legal Agreement and Vet Release Form.

We've also given the Client the ability to Export their Service Request schedule to their favorite calendaring software once the Service Request has been Confirmed.

In addition, if you, the business owner, has invested in some type of Online Chat feature, like the one offered by Hit Sniffer you can talk live with your Client while you're at home

Get more information by going HERE

Limited Employee Access

Our 2by2 Solutions offers the Pet Sitting business owner the ability to limit the access of employees to the software solution. The limited access only allows the employee to see their own schedule, only update their employee information, and only update certain functions under the Administration tab. They are still able to perform all of the other functions that the Administrators have.

All Employees are able to Export each Confirmed Service Request to their favorite Calendaring package if they so choose to. The are also able to Reassign Service Requests with other Employees if they find they're unable to complete a Service Request. At the time they Reassign a Service Request, the Employee that it was Reassigned to plus the Client will receive and Email from the system indicating the Service Request has been Reassigned. We strongly suggest that voice confirmation from both the Employee and the Client is received before Reassigning a Service Request

In addition, the employee is able to Approve, check their schedule, manage holidays, and many other features as well.

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Complete Employee Access

2by2 Solutions enables the Pet Sitters business to manage all aspect of their business from comfort of their home. The Pet Sitter is able to Approve, check their schedule, Export their Schedules to the their favorite Calendaring system if they choose to, manage holidays, and many other features as well.

The Employee with Complete Employee Access will have all of the access that a Employee with Limited access has plus a few more detailed features. These features include access to the the Simple Cash Accounting system, Access to the wording of outgoing emails for, New Client Registration, Service Request Confirmation, and Service Request Reassignments, and much much MORE!!

Get more information by going HERE


Todays News

The Todays News feature of our 2by2 Solutions enables the Employee to list important information that they want their Clients to see. You can post upcoming Events you're participating in, Holiday Wishes, New Client Welcomes, Coupon offers,....the list is endless!!

You can have Multiple Articles listed and once the News is nolonger News, you can One-Click remove it from displaying.

2by2 Solutions Free Demo

If you're still not sure about our 2by2 Solutions Scheduling software solution for Pet Sitters, Dog Walkers, Animal Groomers, or any home based Pet Service business that allows for Clients to Request service. We ask you to take a look at our 2by2 Demo, it's a complete Demo of our 2by2 Solutions Scheduling software. Take it for a test drive to get a feel for what the capabilities are of our product so that you'll have a good comparison to other Scheduling solutions available.

We believe you will find our 2by2 Solutions product has exceptional benefits at a reasonable fee (basically 2 - 3 pet sits a month will cover the cost of taking your business ONLINE!!)

Services and Rates

We've given you the license holder of our 2by2 Solutions scheduling software package the ability to display your Services and Rates on your own website. The information is gathered from what you have in the system and displayed in the order in which you would like them to show up. Keep your most popular Services at the top listing the amount of time they take, there cost, and an explanation of the Service.


Photo Gallery

2by2 Solutions scheduling software offers the license holder to ask their Clients for their permission to display their animals photos on your website.

In the Animal profile section, the Client has the ability to add a photo of their animal to the system. At the same time, the Client will either give your business the authority to display their photo on your website or not. Either way, the photo will still appear on the Service Request so that the Pet Sitter or Dog Walker will have visual of animal instead of just a description.

Check Service Area

One thing we've experienced, as being Pet Sitters ourselves, is attempting to work with New Potential Clients while we're already caring on a busy schedule during the day. Having phone call conversations while caring for another Clients animals is a task we're sure your current Client would rather you had at another time. Especially if, after spending time on the phone, you find out the potential Client is out of your Service Area. The time spent on the call is a waste of your time and more importantly it's also is a waste of time for the potential Client as well.

We've come up with a solution for this, we incorporated a feature in our 2by2 Solutions scheduling software that enables the Potential Client to input their address and find out which Pet Sitters cover their area. If none cover it, the system informs the potential client and that client is on their way looking at other Pet Sitters or Dog Walkers and the Pet Sitter isn't fielding those questions while they are tending to other Clients' animals.


Why use other Services to record your Testimonials about your Service? We offer your Clients an easy way to add a Testimonial about your Service to your account which you then have the ability to display on your on website.

Having a Testimonial page on your website will help get you found in Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, or others!

More to come!